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Talsari: An Offbeat Destination in Odisha

Papri Ghosh
20 Jan 2017
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Talsari: An Offbeat Destination in Odisha

Just few days back we visited Talsari Beach which is there in Baleswar district, Odisha. It is near to Udaipur Beach and occupied with coconut and palm trees. The Name “Talsari” came from two words: “Tala” (meaning Palm) and “Sari” (Column). People generally visit the place during the sunset. From my point of view, this place is fine-looking during the evening with sundown.

This beach is one of the cleanest beaches in Odisha due to its geographical location. There is a point till where the four wheeler can reach. After that you can hire bikes from there. The Bikes along with Bike Riders are available there and you can hire one bike with highest intake capacity of 2 Adults and 1 Child at very cheap cost (Rs. 100/- per bike on that day).
You will find out uneven water region due to the haphazard visit of ebb and flow tides. Though the place is full of sludge, it is the credit of the bike Riders who pick and drop people driving on that muddy road. One video was taken during the Bike Ride; hope you will enjoy the video.


The Talsari Beach is becoming centre of attraction for many beach lovers especially due to its flora and fauna. This is the meeting place where Subarnarekha River ends at the Bay of Bengal. The beach is also famous as Red Crabs Beach. Due to less population maximum species of Red Crabs can be found here. The Red Crabs go down in their whole when you close to them. A video with red crabs is shared.

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