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Rail Tickets Will Be Available Soon From Bank Also: A Report

Ritam Dutta
17 Feb 2017
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Rail Tickets Will Be Available Soon From Bank Also: A Report

New Delhi, Our Correspondent: Indian Railways is going to offer their upcoming extended support to buy rail tickets from bank. This major decision is taken by the Railways authority to ease of ticket booking for sleeper classes. “Due to which people will be benefited substantially, we belief” – said Railways correspondent.

Indian Railways has initiated the process of buying tickets from banks since the month of August, 2016. The preparation is almost done. In this context, Indian Railways is collaborated with State Bank of India to start the process. Now a days, your AADHAAR CARD is mandatory to buy rail tickets.

“From the month of April, 2017, the entire planning is to be materialized in India. Soon after this launch across the nation, ‘Trial Run’ is to be imparted” – Sources said. From now onwards even your family members can travel with your tickets.

Indian Railways may choose two ways to provide such offer to the people of India. Firstly, an automated vending machine could be laid inside the banking premises. The machine can provide rail tickets with ease. And secondly, a new technique could be incorporated in the ATM machines. That means, all ATM machines could be directly connected to the Railways Server, from where rail tickets might be available to you all.

Source: Google

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Authored By Ritam Dutta

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