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360 Degree Photography with Google Street View App

Papri Ghosh
27 Feb 2017
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360 Degree Photography with Google Street View App

360 Photography become an innovative technology in the field of Photography. In earlier phase the 360 degree photography could be taken with an extraordinary manipulation of manifold cameras.  Or it was capturing using a devoted camera that contains multiple camera lenses embedded into the apparatus. The resulting frames were fastened with a solitary frame using a video. This progression is through either by the camera itself, or by means of focused video bowdlerization software that can analyze ordinary visuals and audio to harmonize and relate the dissimilar camera nourishes together. Commonly, the only region that cannot be sight is the vision toward the camera support.

Youtube already launched the 360 degree video officially in March, 2015. Now the Parent Company Google has also launched the 360 degree photography without having any multiple camera and multiple lenses with the “Street View” app. We can download it in our Smartphone (Android and iOS version available) and can easily take 360 degree photo in multiple shots moving the camera standing in a same position. This project had its commencement in 2001 with the Stanford CityBlock Scheme that was Stanford University research project sponsored by Google. On 2006 it was finished embedded into Street View Project by Google.

Till now I have captured very few photos by the Street View App as a Google Local Guide. You may watch the Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences 360 degree view in the following video and given link too.

You may also view my contribution as a Street View Photographer by clicking here.

Hope you’ll also try it in your own touchtone phone. The following video demonstrates how you can capture street view photography.

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