Tutorial on Introduction to VLSI design

Ritam Dutta
13 Mar 2017
Read Time : 15 mins
Tutorial on Introduction to VLSI design

Hello friends, here in this tutorial we will learn the basic concept of Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) design. The tutorial comprises with 3 parts of video with informative slides. The first part depicts the design definition that says the method by means of which billions of gates and transistors (MOSFET) can be accumulated and embed in a small single tiny Integrated Circuit (IC). The details steps of IC technology have been discussed.

The second part discuss about VLSI design flow using Y-chart and algorithm. This part mainly focuses on the hierarchical decomposition of target object, which need to be scaled down using VLSI technology.

Finally the third part emphasizes on the major layout concepts of basic VLSI design. That is Regularity, Modularity and Locality. In todays world miniaturization of MOSFET is highly depends on VLSI and ULSI techniques. In accordance with it, the three factors i,e; Speed, Area and Power is also need to be optimized.

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Authored By Ritam Dutta

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