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Know To Charge Your Android Phone Correct Ways Before Its Too Late

Ritam Dutta
19 Mar 2017
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Know To Charge Your Android Phone Correct Ways Before Its Too Late

In modern era we people are immensely addicted to a device which is nothing but our android phone. Multiple application based such phones often face the battery backup problem. Users do panic whenever they see ‘low battery’ in their home screen of android phones. Most of us are all the time aware of how our battery is doing and if it needs to be charged. But, have you ever wondered that what if you are charging your phone wrong all the time?

So friends, few basic tricks on how to correctly charge your  android phone:

Unplug your phone when it is fully charged

Remove your phone from the charger when it is fully charged. Leaving your phone plugged in when fully charged is bad for battery life. Unplugging your phone from the charger relieves it from overcharging as if it had just done an intense workout.

Try not to charge your phone 100 percent

Don’t charge your battery to 100 percent unless if it is needed essentially. According to Battery University, “Lithium-ion batteries do not need to be fully charged, nor is it desirable to do so. In fact, it is better not to fully charge, because a high voltage stresses the battery” and wears it away in the long run.

Plug in your phone whenever you can

If you charge your android phone at small intervals, that might damage the battery life. It’s better to only charge your phone when they are close to dead. These are absolute misconceptions.
It turns out that your phone battery will stay much happier if you charge it every now and then throughout the day, instead of charging it for a big charging session when it’s empty. According to Battery University, it’s best when you charge your phone when it loses 10%, albeit it’s not possible to be conscious all the time, but just plug it whenever you can. It’s fine to plug and unplug it multiple times a day.

Keep your device cool

Don’t charge your battery at extreme temperatures. Extreme cold and high heat reduce charge acceptance, so the battery must be brought to a moderate temperature before charging.

Authored By Ritam Dutta

Ritam Dutta is an dedicated author of "Day On My Plate". He is an entrepreneur in mind and passionate blogger by heart. Moreover, he is also an academician, author, public speaker, investor, and internet personality.


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