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Grow Your Business with Sharable Whatsapp Group Link

Papri Ghosh
01 Apr 2017
Read Time : 8 Minutes
Grow Your Business with Sharable Whatsapp Group Link

E-Business is growing rapidly and we all are growing our business by social media. Facebook, Whatsapp, or by any other online services we were sharing our products online. I have seen too many Whatsapp groups those who are adding people to share their products. In few days back you could add new people in with the following conditions:

1.    You should know people’s contact number
2.    You referrer can add more people if you make your referrer as a Group Admin which may violates the group rules and regulations.
3.    You could not share your group in other media.

The above restrictions resisted us to grow our Whatsapp groups. Now an admin of a Whatsapp group may add new people by sharing them with a sharable link provided by the Whatsapp. For this follow the steps below:

1.    Open your group and go to the member area. Here you will find a plus sign to add new people.

2.    Here you will get an option of “Invite to group via link”.

3.    Here you will find out the link to share. Four options will be given to you as per as the following snap.

After sharing the link if you want to make your group private again, then you may revoke the previous link by using the last option. Now you may easily share your Whatsapp group public using the link. After doing this you may add your link in multiple apps which is newly added in the Playstore. There are lot of newly added apps for “Whatsapp Group”. I personally am using the “Groups for Whatsapp” by “Webmax Infotech”.

In this app, there are lot of communities are there. The procedure to use this app is given:

Join Other Groups:

You may join other groups by selecting your preferable community here in the app. By clicking on “Join Group” option, you may easily join them. But if the administrator or the mentioned group has already revoked the link, then you cannot join the group.

Share Your Group:

In the top section you will find a “+” button. By clicking on the ‘+’ button you can add your group name, admin mobile number, country, language, group type and Group link (Copy and Paste from Whatsapp group link). After giving all the information you can easily share your group here in the app.

The moment you share your link, people will get your group by the link.

Enjoy the similar app and grow your business as much as you can.

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Authored By Papri Ghosh

She is a dedicated author of "Day On My Plate". Furthermore she is an academician in Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering. She likes to voyage all over the world in search of unrevealed experiences. She is passionate in reading novels and writing articles. Hope you all are enjoying her articles.

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