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Cloud Data Backup Service – Must do for every individual

Ritam Dutta
08 May 2017
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Cloud Data Backup Service – Must do for every individual

The cloud computing has been emerged as the most dependable solution for protecting volumes of confidential information for its incredible efficiency, adaptability and affordability combined with the ease of operation. Here are few things you need to look for in a cloud data backup service.

Capacity of storage

Due to the varying nature of businesses, data backup service providers offer a wide range of options when it comes to the total storage capacity. Since your expenditure would be directly proportional to the net amount of storage space provided, it is highly recommended that you evaluate your storage requirements well in advance in order to avoid spending more unnecessarily.

For locating your ideal service provider, pay attention to the key features offered such as:
•    Hassle-free uploading and downloading
•    File searching and synching
•    Remote access
•    Multiple versions of stored data

Security of sensitive information

The security of data tops the priority list of every commercial organization. The alarming cyber-crime statistics demand ultra-sophisticated, foolproof technological measures for protecting your business information. Here are a number of essential points to look for:
•    SSL or Secure Socket Layer
•    Ruling out the possibilities of ‘back-door’ entry for viewing information
•    Only authorized employees of the company should be permitted access

In addition to these factors, ensure that you settle for a cloud data backup service provider offering strong compliance for safeguarding your financial information. Seek a data protection partner with accreditation, and compliant with the industry specific regulatory requirements.

Legitimacy and reliability of services

Read online reviews and take into account client references for locating a service provider of stable repute with a solid financial base to survive in the market in the long run. Learn about their services, the solutions offered, and their commitment levels from their customers. It would be safe to stick to companies that have been in business for quite some time.

Cost effective alternatives

Most cloud data backup service providers have transparent tariff rates with clear specifications. Depending on your personal choice, you can select an annual or a monthly plan. A number of providers impose a ceiling on the total volume of data uploaded. You would be required to pay additional charges upon exceeding the limit. The rest charge fixed monthly fees, irrespective of the quantity of information transmitted to their servers. Certain companies have restrictions on the number of devices which can be backed up. Despite the steeper costs, a shared backup might suit your business needs better. This is more relevant in the cases of larger organizations.

Online support for troubleshooting

During critical times, numerous challenges might be encountered while restoring your files. Apart from providing comprehensive online tutorials for clients, ensure that your vendor offers adequate customer support and trained representatives are available over phone, mail or chat round the clock for diligently responding to your queries.


Authored By Ritam Dutta

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