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Wrong Complaint email id provided by State Bank of India

Papri Ghosh
16 May 2017
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Wrong Complaint email id provided by State Bank of India

The tendency of providing wrong email ids and an unreachable phone number is common now a day. Recently I experienced something similar to this. I made a failed transaction during a ticket booking for which I searched for the email ids to lodge complaint about the failed transactions. I searched it in State Bank of India official website and found an email id (Click for the link).

But unfortunately I came to know that the email id provided in their website is completely wrong when I received one “Address Not Found” email from the Mail Delivery Subsystem (

When I made the same transaction by using the ICICI bank, it was successful and i got a hassle free e-ticket. As a customer we expect proper verification process and fast communication in the while facing some problem. In the last year, during the demonetisation also the State Bank of India was not up to the mark comparatively to the other banks. Hope we will get more facilities in the coming future.

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Authored By Papri Ghosh

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