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Google Local Guide Scheme Changed

Papri Ghosh
23 Jun 2017
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Google Local Guide Scheme Changed

Now the Google Local Guide Scheme has been changed. Previously only 5 levels were there where only 500 points were required. The points can be gained through Review of a Place, Ratings, Add New Photo, Answer of Questions about places, Edit of Existing Places, and New Place Added. Only one point was assigned per section. Now a new section is added: “Fact Checked” and the point scheme has been little bit changed.

Section Old Point Scheme New Point Scheme
Review of a Place 1 5
Ratings 1 1
Add New Photo 1 5
Answer of Question 1 1
Edit of Existing Place 1 5
New Place Added 1 15
Fact Checked - 1

The Point wise Local Guide Level achievement Table is given:

Level Point Threshold
Old Scheme New Scheme
1 5 0
2 50 15
3 100 75
4 200 250
5 500 500
6 - 1500
7 - 5000
8 - 15000
9 - 50000
10 - 100000

In the old scheme the highest level was 5 and now it is 10. Though it is hard to achieve the highest level here, still the point changed scheme will help much too all the local guides to achieve it. I became 5th Level Local Guide in the old scheme, but in the new scheme uplift me into the 7th level with lot of motivations of becoming a 10th level Local Guide. To become a Google Local guide kindly update the new version of your Google Map App and you can see your point by going to the “Your Contribution” page from your Google Map App. Here my Local Guide Contributions given. As the Fact Checked in newly added, my Fact Checked point is zero. Hope it will grow with time.

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Authored By Papri Ghosh

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