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Make an Online Office with Workplace by Facebook

Papri Ghosh
27 Jun 2017
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Make an Online Office with Workplace by Facebook

It is a high time to enable a Virtual or Online Office Space by using “Workplace” by Facebook. It is a new portal of Facebook specially designed for controlling and managing all your work online in a single space with your entire employee and boss. The Workplace is providing a good opportunity to all type of industry people to be connected in faster mode and at anytime the employee and boss may check the older success and place of improvements of their company. After setting up your office you will be asked to add people to your virtual workplace.

You may directly send the invitation to the email address of your employees or you may choose the following alternate option.

In the .csv file the following details are required:

  • Email    
  • First Name    
  • Last Name    
  • Job Title    
  • Department    
  • Phone Number    
  • Location    
  • Locale
  • Manager Email

Using the Workplace you can access “You’re won timeline”, “Company Dashboard”, “Work Chat”, “Groups”, “Events”, “Notification”, “News Feeds” and many more. You may give notice, follow notice, follow events, manage events, make discussion etc. with the Workplace. The individual office can launch their business/official promo video in the Facebook Workplace.

The Workplace similar to Facebook accepts it is not related with your original facebook account. The personal facebook details and stuffs will not be portrait to your workplace facebook account. Facebook people internally used Workplace since 2015. After their testing of the beta version of Workplace, they launched this for all.

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