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Check Your Whatsapp Message Seen Status in Whatsapp Group

Papri Ghosh
01 Jul 2017
Read Time : 10 Minutes
Check Your Whatsapp Message Seen Status in Whatsapp Group

Whatsapp Group feature enables users in groups chat where user can share message, image, videos, documents etc. Few rules are there in Whatsapp Group.

1.    Rule 1: Single Grey Tick

Indicates your message has been uploaded to the group

2.    Rule 2: Double Grey Tick

Indicates your message has been delivered to all the group members

3.    Rule 3: Double Blue Tick

Indicates your message has been seen by all the group members

Rather than this there are few tricks which helps us to know more about Whatsapp Groups messages. You can see the current status of the message you sent to the Whatsapp group.

Steps: -

  • Press and hold your message which you sent to the group
  • Click on the i-button and you will be redirect to the next message seen page. Here 3 section you will find.

1. Read by – indicates which people have seen your message

2. Delivered to – indicates to whom your message has delivered

3. Number of Remaining – denoting the number of people to whom your message has not been delivered

The following video will help you to find the current status of your message in Whatsapp group.

You may also tap on the people in “Read by” section to see which time the message has been delivered and which time they have seen the message. The short video given below demonstrates:

The same process you can follow for your personal message by tapping on your sent messages. Hope more features will come to the Whatsapp chat soon.

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