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Magicapk leaked Jio User Data

Papri Ghosh
10 Jul 2017
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Magicapk leaked Jio User Data

Jio all user’s data along with address Adhaar number has been leaked by Magicapk. It’s a highest disaster not only for Reliance Jio but also for the other telecom companies too. It is now no safer to link all your details like bank account no, PAN card Registration Certificates with your Adhaar number in the government’s portal. If the Government cannot give the proper security of all our private data, they it is not their right to upload it in their website.

The Magicapk easily cracked all the data of Jio user though the site is now banned due to the cybercrime of stealing the data from other website.  The website was managed from Arizona (Postal Code: 85260) and the domain was taken from on 18th May, 2017.  The registered phone number given for this website is +1.4806242599 which is registered in the name of “Your Smart Kitchen” in True Caller. Well it is proved that someone who is staying at United States has done this and the domain introduction intention is much clear.

In the twitter accounts, we may see the grievances of the users.

Site Source: Siteinfo, Truecaller

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