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Sarahah: A New Trend of Anonymous Messages

Papri Ghosh
10 Aug 2017
Read Time : 10 Minutes
Sarahah: A New Trend of Anonymous Messages

Sarahah is the 1st popular app which helps us to know anonymous messages, what people think about you, how many people are there who really wants to send messages to you secretly etc. It is very easy to use Sarahah.

How to Use Sarahah?

1.    In Playstore or Apple Store, type “Sarahah” and install it in your phone.
2.    Register yourself here you will get your own link.
3.    Share that link in your other social media accounts to get messages.
4.    Inbox and Sent Box are there in the app. You can search someone to send messages. You can share your messages from the inbox to the social media app.
5.    You may choose your loving messages which will reflect your ‘Favourite’ part.

Few people are saying this as a Prank App which has been made for coward people who cannot face the situation directly. Few are considering it as fun app.
Zain Alabdin Tawfiq, from Saudi Arabia designed Sarahah for sharing our honesty with our friends and relatives. She said “Sarahah will help you to discover your strengths and areas of improvements by receiving honest feedback from your friends, employees and and family members.

Few Interesting Points of Sarahah

1.    You cannot delete sent messages from your sarahah app.
2.    You can delete your account and can sign up again with the same user name you used earlier.
3.    If you follow the Point-2, then only you can delete all your sarahah sent messages from your sarahah account.
4.    To send a sarahah message to someone, without adding the message in your sent box is also possible. In this case you have to open a browser where you didn’t use your sarahah account before. Open link to send messages. It will not reflect your account.

Two Important Sarahah Privacy Settings

1.    Appear in search

If you enable this option, then people will find your sarahah link in the search bar of their app.

2.    Allow Unauthorized Users to Post

If you enable this option, then people can send you messages without having sarahah account. In this case the messages they will send you will not appear in their sent box. I do prefer not to enable this option. Hope the above info will help you to use sarahah.

Authored By Papri Ghosh

She is a co-founder of "Day On My Plate". Furthermore she is an academician in Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering. She likes to voyage all over the world in search of unrevealed experiences. She is passionate in reading novels and writing articles. Hope you all are enjoying her articles.

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