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No time to relax at office? Find ways to keep yourself fit even at office also

Ritam Dutta
23 Aug 2016
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No time to relax at office? Find ways to keep yourself fit even at office also


In our day to day life we all become so busy especially during office hours that we rarely get free time to relax ourselves. It is very hard to manage leisure time when pile of files keeps knocking at your cabin door. Sometimes we forget to have our lunch on time. We always are in hurry to win the race that has no end point eventually. Next morning again we arise from bed and the cycle continues till we reach home with loads of headache and stress.

Do not worry much. There are few ways to keep yourself fit and active during office hours.

Never keep wallet at your back pocket:

When you sit at your chair at your office, never keep wallet at your back pocket. Surprised? Yes. Though it seems a mere thing initially to you, but in the long run, if you practice so, then you may face severe medical problem. Unknowingly we all specially men used to keep our wallet behind, but when you sit at your chair, you compromise with your proper way of sitting. This happens to all of us unknowingly. But continuous practice of sitting can damage your coccyx that further troubles your spinal cord. Therefore either you keep your wallet (for men) at front pockets or keep it at your drawer.

Take a power nap:

In western countries people working at office do take a power nap of 15 - 20 minutes. Scientifically this method is very useful to keep you refreshed and active at post lunch sessions also. Here in country like India, technocrats even dare to close their eyes for 10 minutes in fear of getting caught for sleeping. But a human being must have a short rest time in between of total office work. The enormous stress and pressure compel all your neurons become tired, therefore you feel drowsy and get lethargy to continue without taking rest. A quick power nap will refresh you to serve better performance throughout the day.

Use office computers with UV protected glass:

Many of you may find it very simple matter to discuss. But in many offices the computers provided by Company/University are of without UV protected glass. Continuous usage of so may hurt your retina and produce pain in your eyes. It may further compel you to get ornamented with spectacles. This may be avoided by making sure of the usage of additional UV protected glass.

Usage of stress reliving room:

Every employee at office must reach their target or goal for what they are paid. As a result you start running to compete with your colleagues. But then you need to take care of your health too. The pressure from your boss make you overloaded with stress and all sorts of pain like headache, backache etc. These can be removed by engaging yourselves in stress reliving room at your office premises. Share few jokes with your colleagues, throw pillows to each other, laugh, listen music etc. at stress reliving room.

Authored By Ritam Dutta

Ritam Dutta is an official partner of "Day On My Plate". He is an entrepreneur in mind and passionate blogger by heart. Moreover, he is also an academician, author, public speaker, investor, and internet personality.


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