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Sindhu Ghat

Papri Ghosh
26 Oct 2017
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Sindhu Ghat

Brief Details:

It is one point in Leh-Ladakh city tour sightseeing. The river Sindhu / Indus originated from Tibetan Plateau in the environs of Lake Mansarovar; few part of it flows through Jammu & Kashmir, India through Leh Ladakh. In 7th June, 2001, our Hon’ble Union Minister for Home Affair Sh. Lal Krishna Advani inaugurated the “Sindhu Ghat” at Shey Manla, Leh Ladakh Valley.


The Sindhu Ghat / Indus River Bank is located approximately 10.9 Km. East-South of Leh Airport in Ladakh valley.

Point of Attraction:

1.    The river Sindhu / Indus is well known as the national river in Pakisthan (Asia).
2.    In the National Anthem of India, the name of Sindhu / Indus River is mentioned.
3.    This is the only river in India, few part of which flows from south to north. Isn’t it different? Well we have experienced this during our visit at Leh.

3600 View of Sindhu Ghat

Few Snaps of Sindhu Ghat


Best Time to Visit

May-October of every year is best time to visit for suitable weather.

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