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Does Prasenjit Chatterjee meet Audience expectation as Mahanayak Uttam Kumar?

Papri Ghosh
21 Aug 2016
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Does Prasenjit Chatterjee meet Audience expectation as Mahanayak Uttam Kumar?

Mahanayak - a new drama of 99 episodes that started on 27th June, 2016 on Star Jalsha at 11:00 PM Mon to Sat, is a life story of Mr. Arun Chatterjee later known as Mahanayak Uttam Kumar. In Bengali Film Industry he was the first person who was a Leading Actor as well as Producer of his own movies. Prasenjit Chatterjee is playing his role in the serial with Paoli Dam as Sucharita Sen (Suchitra Sen). Is he being the right person for the role? Some people are not expecting Prasenjit as Uttam Kumar in the drama.

I have taken this poll from my own family members and from the friend circle also. Some of them are saying that we are unable to compare Prasenjit as Uttam here. Few of them are saying Prasenjit is doing this role very effortlessly. His matured acting is fit for the role here. The people, who are supporting him as an actor here, are asking who is the replacement of Prasenjit here, Abir? Jeet? Or Jishu? Are any one of them is fit for the role? Are they having that much of maturity label which Prasenjit Chatterjee are having now? I personally feel the director of this serial has selected the role very efficiently. Prasenjit himself has given the statement in the press meet before his movie “Praktan” that “I won’t use words like challenging to describe how I feel when I face the camera as Mahanayak. It’s a blessing for me.” Let us hope for his success as Mahanayak.

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