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New features in MI Note 5 Pro Current System Update

Papri Ghosh
02 Oct 2018
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New features in MI Note 5 Pro Current System Update

MI note 5 Pro is now providing huge ease features for their customers since last three days. The Android Version 8.1.0 POM1.171019.011 is used with MIUI Global 10.0 Stable (OEIMIFH). The new Kernel Version is 4.4.78-perf+ which is launched on 1st June 2018. The company has decided to change few existing features which is still there in MI Note 3 or MI Note 4 in MI Note 5 Pro Onwards Smart Phones. The following features you will get in your XIOMI Note 5 PRO:

1.    Appearance

The Notification and the other appearances has been changed.

2.    The Updated Volume Bar on Screen

It is appeared by which you can also increase or decrease the volume by pressing and scrolling on the screen with your fingertips.

3.    Split Screen Options

Now you can use a Split Screen on your MI Note 5 PRO by tapping on the app in the option mode and press on the split option. Follow the following video for more.

4.    Lock App(s) During Closing all other apps

Now you can lock specific apps you want to keep during closing the other apps. We generally close multiple apps together, and in the earlier version we could only keep one app to be open during closing the other apps. But now you can select your preferred apps to be open.

5.    Silent Mode with Preferred Time

We usually forget to change our mobile from the silent mode to the general mode. Now MI new system updates provide to set a silent mode for our preferable time. Isn’t it a great feature?

6.    DND Mode with Preferred Time

Even the DND mode are also updated with our preferred time period.

Thanks to MI for providing such great features. As of now, XIOMI Note 3 and Note 4 has not received such features. But we expect XIOMI would be update them soon. Keep watching our video for more updates.



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