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Fatehpur Sikri: 2018 Updates

Papri Ghosh
18 Nov 2018
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Fatehpur Sikri: 2018 Updates

The City of Victory, Fatehpur Sikri, mainly renowned for Jalaluddin Md. Akbar who was the great emperor of the Mughal dynasty, founded in 1569 near Agra, Uttar Pradesh (40 Km Approx. distance from Agra). The Rocky Palace with a lake founded on the rocky ridge from where the surrounded area is clearly visible. The Palace had several Gates and it was designed in many religious style.

Within the city there are many secrets which still are secrets to us. Many people said about Jodha-Akbar Story which started from Amer, in the other hand few people also discussed about many dark secrets of Akbar. Today I want to discuss about my journey in Fatehpur Sikri.

Better Time to Visit

We stayed in Agra and hired a cab for the whole day. First we visited the Sekendra where Akbar Tomb is constructed. Then we leave for Fatehpur. In the first half we finished the Akbar Tombs and then we took our lunch on the way to Fatehpur. Then around 2 o’clock we reached there. You must have at least 2-3Hr. in your hand to visit the total place and that is why I preferred to visit it after lunch.

Tickets & Guide

They don’t allow any diesel car till the Gate of the Palace. You can hire Auto or take Bus to reach at the Palace Gate near Ticket Counter. The Auto charge is Rs. 100/- which is free if you don’t take Guide. Tour Guide Cost including Personal Auto is Rs. 650/- (During October 2018). As there are many stories to know you must have a tour guide. If you go by bus, then only Rs.10/- per head you have to pay. The Palace Ticket is cost Rs.50/- per head.

Visiting Hours:  6:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Official Website:

Special Attraction

We have entered from the side of Diwan-i-Khas. The details are given as follows:


Royal members used to assemble here to discuss on various matters & issues of Mughal-e-Saltanat.

Panch Mahal

Panch Mahal was a 5 storeys stone building which was made in the shape of triangle. Many places are there within the Mahal where the Gold Coins were preserved as displayed in the picture.

This stone bench was the Shahee place where Jalal used to sit as described by our Guide.

Anup Talaw

The following snap is of Anup Talaw where Jodha used to spent her time as per our Guide.

Glimpses of Deep Mahal where several Diyas were used during some festive time.

Corpses of a Soil Pitcher

Jama Masjid

Tomb of Salim Chishti


Buland Darwaza

Agra City View from Buland Darwaza

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