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Artificial Stone Human Brain at Borah Cave

Papri Ghosh
07 Jan 2019
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Artificial Stone Human Brain at Borah Cave

Surprised for the title? But yes. Borah Cave which is located 87 Km from Visakhapatnam and 37 Km from Araku Valley at Andhra Pradesh, contains stones like human brain inside it. The Borah Cave is India’s deepest and largest cave where so many holes are there. For the decoration purpose the Andhra Pradesh State Tourism Department installed 26 lamps inside it which rapidly change its colour.

From a hole within the cave, water comes continuously in form of multiple drops and it directly hit a couple of stones and it is happening since last 150 million years approximately. The stones are white in colour and the shape is turned exactly like the human brain.

In Chaina, an another weird process of third degree torture is a continuous water drops on your forehead. When it starts its process, it seems to be very easy for the victim. But slowly it affects and after approximately 3 hours, the drops are felt like heavy stones. Methodically same process is applied in the Borah Cave too. The continuous water drops change the shape of stones. Isn’t it strange?

Authored By Papri Ghosh

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