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6 easy steps to withdraw cash without ATM card

Ritam Dutta
26 Aug 2016
Read Time : 5 Mins
6 easy steps to withdraw cash without ATM card

Now it’s very easy to transfer money instantly from anywhere, anytime through State Bank of India Instant Money Transfer (SBI-IMT) and withdraw at Select SBI ATMs without debit card.

Follow the 6 easy steps to withdraw cash without your debit card.

Step # 1

Sender visit ATM, swipe card and select “Transfer” menu > IMT to send money on beneficiary mobile number.

Step # 2

Now, sender has to create a 4 digit sender code for the IMT and share it with beneficiary.

Step # 3

A 15 digit IMT ID and SMS/OTP code is to be received on beneficiary mobile number.

Step # 4

Now, beneficiary has to visit SBI ATM, select IMT option on main screen.

Step # 5

Then you need to enter the sender code and then a SMS code will be sent by bank via SMS to your registered mobile phone.

Step # 6

Relax. Collect money from ATM. No need to carry your debit card.

For sending money register the beneficiary by sending SMS to 567676 in following format:

BREG<Space>Mobile Number+Name+Centre+Pin Code

Authored By Ritam Dutta

Ritam Dutta is an official partner of "Day On My Plate". He is an entrepreneur in mind and passionate blogger by heart. Moreover, he is also an academician, author, public speaker, investor, and internet personality.


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