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10 reasons of Kidney Infection

Ritam Dutta
26 Aug 2016
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10 reasons of Kidney Infection

Kidney is the major organ that needs to maintain high level of organized behavior of your human body. Let us know the quick 10 points that can invite your kidney infection which is strongly undesired.

  • Inadequate intake of water

You must drink water at least 4 to 5 liter in a day. More you urine more undesired garbage can be out from your body.

  • Letting your stomach full of urine for long hours

Do not let your stomach filled with urine for long hours. It directly creates enormous pressure on your kidney. Especially when you travel long distance by car, it may not be possible for us to urine here and there. So try to find suitable places to do so when you feel pressure.

  • Extra intake of salt

Salt should be taken in adequate manner. Without salt food will be tasteless. But additional salt should not be taken if it’s not required in your meals. So better to avoid the extra intake of salt.

  • Daily intake of meat

If you have meat in daily basis or so, then also it will harm your kidneys.

  • Insufficient food habit

A moderate diet chart must be followed by you if you do not have any other physical malfunctions. If you do not take food properly then starvation may result kidney infection.

  • Absorption of painkiller tablets

Pain killer medicines or antibiotics should not be taken without doctor’s consultation. Such medicines directly damage the inner membranes of your kidneys.

  • Irregularity in medication

Do not be irregular while you are under proper consultation of doctor. Prescribed medicines must be taken at specified timings as mentioned by the doctor.

  • Drinking Alcohol on daily basis

If you drink alcohol on daily basis then you will invite your major kidney malfunction very soon. Start avoiding it.

  • Lack of rest

In our daily life no time to rest is a common thing to be discussed. But still find some time to take rest after rigorous work at your office. This rest will refresh yourself to perform consistently well for hours.

  • Slow diagnosis of infected organ

If you have been attacked by any bacterial infection in your body, never hesitate to consult with doctor. Never wait for your infection to spread all over your body and further damage your most precious organ like kidneys. So rush to doctor and undergo immediate diagnosis to save your kidneys from various bacterial threats.

Authored By Ritam Dutta

Ritam Dutta is an official partner of "Day On My Plate". He is an entrepreneur in mind and passionate blogger by heart. Moreover, he is also an academician, author, public speaker, investor, and internet personality.


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