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7 Most Important Qualities in a Highly Confident Woman

Papri Ghosh
17 Sep 2016
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7 Most Important Qualities in a Highly Confident Woman
Yes, I am proud to be a woman who can stabilize every prospect of their life more than a man can. Being a working person, I realized, only a woman can move her head around the room after coming back to her home. An individual may not be all rounder, but women can have certain control to contemplate on supplementary region at a solitary moment. Small amounts of their confidence have compiled together and are given below:
1. They always find some perfection in all of their work; it may be cooking, may be teaching their child, and may be any official work or anything else. Anyone can realize after going to a home that is there any women are living there or not by looking all around. An existence of a woman is giving an extra feather to a place; that can only be realized, that cannot be explained by any word. 
2. Don’t Show anyone that they are too busy in spite of having too loads. While calling my father, husband, brother, friends (male), always noticed, they can never be free. All the time they are working on some most important matter; though it may some sports critic, or some political issue or anything else. But whenever you call your near and dear female, may be they are busy sometime, though at least they will listen minutely what is for you call them. 
3. Successful women don’t take things personally. Whatever the matter may be, they don’t take is personally in their life. In most cases we see women busy in gossiping and all. But the women who are really career oriented, they are not having that much time to think on the matter that is done by their surroundings. 
4. Like to attach with some innovative job in their free time. The women like to read books, busy with the Smartphone, reading news paper, watching news channels or anything else. Their mind is always working. May be they are watching TV, but that time also they are couscous about the other things surrounded them.  
5. The most important thing is that they don’t want anyone’s kindness at any weak moment. Strong people never wish for other’s kindness when they are in trouble. They hate it most. 
6. Life is full of uncertainty where the good time and bad time is coming as like as sign curve. But it depends on you that how you will take your life? In case of the confident women, they always consider the certain breakdown as a fresh challenge of their life. 
7. They know their limit and also know how to maintain it. They realize when they do mistakes and also agree it along with the apology. 

Authored By Papri Ghosh

She is a co-founder of "Day On My Plate". Furthermore she is an academician in Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering. She likes to voyage all over the world in search of unrevealed experiences. She is passionate in reading novels and writing articles. Hope you all are enjoying her articles.

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