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Why baldness mostly affects men?

Ritam Dutta
21 Aug 2016
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Why baldness mostly affects men?
Hair loss or baldness makes every person insecure and self-doubting. Hair loss has been the common problem for every human being. But especially men are getting affected by such issues. Many of us do not aware about the reasons of hair loss. Baldness comes to men by his heredity but apart from this, there are also very important reasons that need to be known. If you know these reasons then proper care can be taken in prior to save yourself from baldness. 

a) Stress:

One of the most important reason of hair loss for men is stress which comes with you during your whole day activity at office. Wrong food habits, being asleep, absorbing junk foods at regular basis broadens the path of your baldness. Be cautious about such things. 

b) Anemia:

Lack of iron in human body may lead to hair loss for men. Therefore baldness may arrive quickly. So to get rid of such problems, do consult doctor and start taking iron supplements that rescue you from hair loss.

c) Scarcity of Vitamin - B:

Lack of Vitamin – B can arise the hair loss problem for men. For this you must have at least 4 – 5 liter water in a day with fresh green vegetables. Besides this you may have fat-free protein and healthy food with less oil to control hair loss.

d) Bacterial infection at skull:

Many fungal or bacterial infection may damage the hair root. As a result the stem cells may get destroyed by such infections. Doctor’s consultation is much required for such cases. Proper medication can save you from undesired hair loss. 
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Authored By Ritam Dutta

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