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Use Multi Accounts in a same Android Device

Papri Ghosh
22 Oct 2016
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Use Multi Accounts in a same Android Device

A normal Smartphone allow us to use only one account for Whatsapp, Facebook, Flipkart, Amazon, or for any other apps which is installed within the mobile. Now we can use multi accounts for those apps in a same mobile using the “Parallel Space – Multi Accounts”. Most of the devices are having dual sim facility but we can only create one account with one sim card. We can easily find it in the Playstore and can install it easily.

After installing it you only need to start it and one window will open. Here the boxes will appear where you have to add the accounts.

Now Just Click on the left button in the down there and you can easily find the apps which can be added to the Parallel Space by just selecting them.

After adding your necessary app to the parallel space, you can create new accounts and enjoy them on your mobile.

The above image has taken during loading the OLX app within the Parallel Space. The disadvantage of Parallel Space is it requires more battery. Try to practice to close the apps later than using it to diminish the battery usage on your Smartphone. Separate app lock system is also there in the Parallel Space app in which is not similar with the pattern set for the other apps installed in the same mobile. Hope you will enjoy this app.

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