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Wild Life Conservation: A New Paradigm of Wild Life Photography

Ritam Dutta
05 Dec 2016
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Wild Life Conservation: A New Paradigm of Wild Life Photography

Our correspondent: In recent times Wild Life photography has been extended in multiple paradigm. It is a special art technically equipped with lens and camera. Millions of Wild Life Photographers are doing a commendable job by clicking the wildest objects of nature across India. This article depicts few unexplored areas of opportunities of Wild Life Conservation using Wild Life Photography.

Wild Life Photography has provided different useful applications. Many front line photographers capture the wild inhabitants of forest at the cost of their lives. They do it for their passion. But recently a global awareness becomes a real necessity for common people while entering into the forest for many purposes. Such programs and initiatives are being cordially accepted by many Photographic Societies, Groups, Associations and Clubs.

Being a citizen of West Bengal, let me share some facts and figures with all my readers. The total recorded forest land in the state of West Bengal is 11,879 sq. km., of which 7,054 is Reserved Forest, 3,772 is Protected Forest and 1,053 is Unclassed State Forest, thus constituting 13.38% of the geographical area of the state*. The forest cover including the forests created outside the recorded forest area is 15.52% of the geographical area as assessed by the GIS Cell of the W.B. Forest Department in the year 2004 on the basis of Satellite Imagery procured from NRSA, Hyderabad in digital data format. Estuarine water bodies like rivers& creeks in mangrove forest and river flowing through the recorded forest land in Jalpaiguri have been included while computing the forest cover. Similarly large portions of farm forestry plantation, raised outside forest land, having forest like micro eco system, have been enumerated as forest cover.

In order to meet certain scopes and challenges on Wild Life conservation, many wildlife photographic societies are taking large initiatives across India. As an example in North Bengal many photographic societies are putting their heart and soul effort to make people aware of wild life conservation and eco system of North Bengal. A Seminar on “Biodiversity of North Bengal: Scopes and Challenges” was held at Ramkinkar Hall, Tathyakendra, Siliguri on Various Issues of Wild Life on 4th December, 2016 by “Wild Planetors: A NGO”,  in association with one of the Veteran Wild Life Photographic Society in East India “Wild Life of North Bengal”.

“Wild Life of North Bengal” is one of the ancient group formed by Mr. Anujit Basu and his fellows since 2013, dedicated to Wild Life Photography - India. As like many other photographic groups, this energetic team has also extended wild life photography to a new paradigm. Many eminent dignitaries were present at the seminar held yesterday at Siliguri. Mr. Animesh Bose (Coordinator HNAF), Mr. Suratna SSS Sherpa (IFS - Govt. of W.B.), Mr. Ranjit Mitra (Eminent Bird Watcher, Ex. WBSEDCL), Mrs. Nidhi Singh (Elephant Expert), Mr. Chiranjit Nad (Research Scholar, Univ. of North Bengal), Mr. Anujit Basu (Chief Coordinator – WLC) and Mr. Kaustav Choudhury (Principal Chief Coordinator, WLC) had given speech on many essential real-time issues related to wild life and its challenges.

“Various Awareness Camps are to be materialized by the association. Eco-Quiz, Eco-Debates, Eco-Workshops are our future plan. Various training on Eco Club Activities, Survival Camps will be provided at schools, colleges of rural Bengal”, Mr. Choudhury said.

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*Data Source: Google

Authored By Ritam Dutta

Ritam Dutta is an official partner of "Day On My Plate". He is an entrepreneur in mind and passionate blogger by heart. Moreover, he is also an academician, author, public speaker, investor, and internet personality.


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