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Email Search Tricks in Gmail

Papri Ghosh
14 Dec 2016
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Email Search Tricks in Gmail

In gmail we can search some older email (from/to) by the content or may be by the email id. Generally we use keyword for search a specific mail. Or what we do, we go to the specific folder and then we press the “Next” button repeatedly to search the specific email. We also click on different folders (predefined or made by us) to search different emails. Only one checkbox option given for finding “Read”, “Unread”, “Starred” or “Unstarred” emails.  Here I want to show some tricks to search older emails by some précised tricks.

Search by Keywords:

Here we can type the specific keywords to find out all the emails where this keyword(s) was/were used. It is the conventional method what we use the most.

Search by e-mail:

I randomly use this trick for finding all the emails from/to a specific email ID. I just type the specific email id there. Google is too smart to extract the email either from the email id or from the older emails.

Search by Size:

We can also search by size by providing the following phrases:
•    Larger_than:486kb
•    Size:2mb
•    Smaller_than:1mb

Search by Date:

We can search all the emails by providing the date too. Here some example given:
Newer than:15d
Before:2015/06/06 After:2016/05/22 (for finding emails between some dates)

Search by Attachment:

We can also find emails by the attachment too. We can check emails which has an attachment(s). Examples are given:

Hope the given trick will help you a lot.

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