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Manual Emotion/Sentiment Analysis of Trump/Obama/Modi-Twitter Account by General Twitter Data

Papri Ghosh
07 Jan 2017
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Manual Emotion/Sentiment Analysis of Trump/Obama/Modi-Twitter Account by General Twitter Data

Twitter plays a big role to reach any people without interacting with them. Any people can follow anyone’s profile by just clicking on the “Follow”-Button. An enormous quantity of noticeable people from Social or Political Background, Organizations, Companies, Business Giants uses twitter accounts. As I have already mentioned in my previous blog that the keyword is very important during tweets as in twitter we can easily link them with all others latest tweets from renowned accounts. Now sometime the share market also goes up and down depends on some renowned tweets. Some of my students are also doing research on how the share value depends on the latest tweets from some renowned twitter accounts.

Twitter is providing a link by which you can analyse the insights of your own account. You just required clicking on the following link:

Though here in the username “dayonmyplate” given, but when you copy the link and paste it on your browser, it will directly take your own username (you should be logged in into your account before pasting the above link). Twitter will never give any tool to analyse someone else’s account.

Now in general we can get some data from anyone’s twitter account. They are:

1.    No of total Tweets:

It denotes total how many tweets this account holder did till now after joining the Twitter account.

2.    Following:

How many Accounts are there to whom this account holder follow.


How many Accounts follow this account.


How many posts are there which have been liked by this account.

5.    Date of Joining:

On which month this account created.

6.    Last Tweet Date and Time:

On which date and time tweet came from this account.

The above 5 parameters are very important to generalize one account’s emotion partially. The following parameters with all of its probable interpretation given in a tabular format.

Parameter Inference
No of Total Tweets 1.    How much social this account is
2.    Directly Proportional to Time Spending Online
3.    More Tweets – More tendency to share personal view with all
Following 1.    Inclination towards other’s updates
2.    Broadening personal social networking across the Globe
Followers 1.    Positive Popularity of this Account
2.    Known to most of the people around the world
3.    People like to follow this account most
4.    This account share lot of informative data
5.    Tweets shared by this account must affect on some other social parameter
Likes 1.    How much this account like other accounts opinion
Date of Joining 1.    How much old this account is
2.    More the account is old more this account holder is feel like to be updated with social websites
3.    More old account denotes more genuinity of an account
Last Tweet Date and Time 1.    The account holder is using this account currently if the last tweet date and time is close to current date.

I have constructed the above analysis depends on some general elucidation. The motivation is not to hurt anyone’s personal sentiment. Hope you all will understand that. Three popular accounts have been taken for a comparison study. The compared data shown in “Bold”- font within the table. The account of “Barak Obama” has been run by Organizing Action Staff when he was the President (Source: Twitter) whereas the other two accounts may be managed by the account holder personally. Depends on the information given in the table above, we can easily analyse each and every Twitter Accounts Characteristics and Behaviours.

Name Donald J. Trump Barak Obama Narendra Modi
Joined March 2009 March 2007 May 2011
Tenure of Joining (Days) 2870 3600 2080
Total No of Tweets 34200 15400 22000
Daily Avg. Tweets 11.9 4.2 10.6
Following 42 632000 994
Daily Avg. Followings 0.0146 175.5 0.4779
Followers 18800000 80300000 944000
Daily Avg. Tweets 6550.5 22305.5 453.8
Lists - 3 4
Likes 46 10 -
Daily Avg. Likes 0.016 0.003 NA
Last Tweet Date and Time 2 Month Before 1 Hour Before 3 Hour Before
[*Table Data Source: Twitter, Source Date & Time: 6th Jan, 2017, 11:47 P.M.]

Did I miss any parameters or any elaboration? Then kindly add your suggessions in the commentbox.

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Authored By Papri Ghosh

She is a dedicated author of "Day On My Plate". Furthermore she is an academician in Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering. She likes to voyage all over the world in search of unrevealed experiences. She is passionate in reading novels and writing articles. Hope you all are enjoying her articles.

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