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Instagram & Uber Changed their LOGO: Good or Bad Decision?

Papri Ghosh
22 Aug 2016
Read Time : 4 Minutes
Instagram & Uber Changed their LOGO: Good or Bad Decision?

LOGO in the brand representation of an organization and people are memorizing the name by visualizing the logo. Now the thing is that why the Big Brand are suddenly changing their logos?

Reasons may be

  • Up gradation of the company
  • Modify the visual facade
  • If some company policy or motto is changed
  • Get into the customer’s mind more faster
  • Stand in front row in the competitions etc.

Now the question is that why the instagram and uber had changed their logos? I personally hated the new logo of the Instagram in the first look. The previous logo of instagram was an iconic representation of a camera. It had a rich look. I always used to search the app by their logo. But when Instagram has changed it, I shocked. The new look has rounded square with one round within this with a point in top-right corner – which also denote a front side of a camera.


Though it’s my personal opinion that I disliked the new logo of instagram, I feel all of you also faced the same problem which I faced. Soon after the change, I couldn’t trace instagram on my mobile. I hardly used the instagram. The flow of using the instagram came back after 10-12 days (2 weeks approximately). I as a user of instagram cannot forget the older logo. The new graphic logo is very simple to describe the company’s aim. There is a possibility that the instagram is running there app with this logo for few months and revert it back to its new logo if the new idea will not achieve success.