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Whatsapp “Status” Vs. Facebook “Add to My Day”

Papri Ghosh
21 Mar 2017
Read Time : 4 Minutes
Whatsapp “Status” Vs. Facebook “Add to My Day”

Few days back Whatsapp upgrade its feature with a new type to Whatsapp status. The Whatsapp user can upload their status repeatedly in a day with a condition that it will be waved off from your account after 24 hours of its upload. In a day you can upload image as well as video as your Whatsapp status. The people in your contact are eligible to watch your status if you do not make any changes in your status privacy setting. There are few privacy settings are also available through which you may remove the permission of some of your contact numbers to watch your updated status.

Initially people have faced a lot of problems for the new Whatsapp. Now Facebook has also started the similar feature in the facebook messenger app namely “Add to my day”. The type of both the apps is similar with different emogi’s. In both the apps, there is an option for status based personal comment. Moreover the user may create their featured video within the app.

Facebook has 1.86 Billion monthly active users where Whatsapp has 700 million monthly active users. The tendency of using the Whatsapp over the Facebook Messenger is better within the user. Facebook wants to combine every possible feature which the other apps provide. The latest version of facebook containing more than 55 MB of basic storage and now facebook update notification comes frequently to the mobiles. Hope in the future facebook will provide the one stop solution for all the e-users.

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Authored By Papri Ghosh

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