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Amazing Facts of World’s most Popular Sites

Papri Ghosh
20 May 2017
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Amazing Facts of World’s most Popular Sites

Google is the #1 search engine worldwide which is mostly used by the users. One product of Google Gmail is also used by the users more frequently than the other email providers. But the Fact is this Google was launched 2 years approximately after Gmail and Gmail is not older that Yahoomail. Is it not interesting? We all use such products. But most of us are unaware about the facts of the most popular sites. There is another email service provider which is older than Gmail. Yes, it is Inbox.

Like the search engines and the email service providers, you will be surprised by knowing the fact that Snapdeal is the oldest among popular online shopping sites and Flipkart is newer in the 5 top most popular shopping sites.

The “Day On My Plate” survey is given on 5 top search engines, email service providers and the online shopping sites.

5 Popular Search Engines

Website Alexa Ranking Date of Reg.
YAHOO 6 1995-01-18 22Y 4M 7D Old
AOL 293 1995-06-22 21Y 11M 8D Old
BING 42 1996-01-29 21Y 3M 26D Old
GOOGLE 1 1997-09-15 19Y 8M 12D Old
ASK 116 1998-10-20 18Y 7M 7D Old

4 Popular Mail Services

Website Alexa Ranking Date of Reg.
INBOX 13,254 1995-04-16 22Y 1M 10D Old
GMAIL 18,659 1995-08-13 21Y 9M 16D Old
HOTMAIL 94,919 1996-03-27 21Y 1M 28D Old
YAHOOMAIL 152,342 1996-11-06 20Y 6M 19D Old

5 Popular Online Shops

Website Alexa Ranking Date of Reg.
SNAPDEAL 624 2002-09-25 14Y 8M 1D Old
JABONG 331 2004-10-31 10Y 9M 28D Old
AMAZON 100 2005-02-11 12Y 3M 10D Old
HOMESHOP18 14,481 2006-10-08 10Y 7M 17D Old
FLIPKART 158 2007-06-03 9Y 11M 24D Old

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