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Manage Your Facebook Account after Your Death

Papri Ghosh
24 May 2017
Read Time : 5 Minutes
Manage Your Facebook Account after Your Death

Facebook is providing the options to delete your facebook account after your death. It is not possible to delete our own Facebook Account after our death unless we give someone the opportunity to do this. The Facebook Legacy Settings enables us to do so in a fraction of moments. Two options we can choose.

1.  We may give the authority to use our facebook account after us. In this option the person whom you nominee your facebook account he/she can open your facebook account easily after your death. He and she can download the data of your facebook account. The following steps will help to achieve the above goal.

Go to your General Settings in Facebook and Click on the 'Manage Account'.

In Option A, type the name of your friend whom you want to nominee of your Facebook Account

The name of your nominee will appeas and now you have to send the message to your friend by clicking on the send option.

Your nominee is activated.

2.  We can delete our account permanently after us with someone’s help who will upload the proof of our death to the facebook. In this option you have to enable the option-B in the second image. After your death any of your near relatives who have your death proofs, he/she can upload the proofs to the facebook (Click on the Link), the facebook will permanently delete your account. For this you have to choose the option ‘B’ in the second image given above.

3.  In the current era, the second option is little bit insecure. If someone knows that you have enables the second option and if he/she is quiet smart to prepare a fake death proof of yours, then he/she can request to delete your facebook account which causes the permanent deletion of your account. Facebook may give notification before deleting your account. But if for a couple of days you are not using internet, then it will harm you. So as a third option I think it is better to write your facebook password somewhere which will be accessible to you dear ones after you and let him/her decide what to do with your account, to delete (By clicking on Option-C) or to keep all your memories with them.