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Manage your Post in all your social accounts in a Single Click using BUFFER

Papri Ghosh
09 Jul 2017
Read Time : 10 Minutes
Manage your Post in all your social accounts in a Single Click using BUFFER

There are many more social accounts and it is very difficult to manage our post in all the social accounts together. For any kind of business we manage, facebook page, forced advertisements, sharing links and images are very important to us. All the miniature entrepreneurs are following their facebook page, twitter, pinterest, g+ account for putting their essential documents for more publicity. But to log into all the social accounts one after another is time consuming and extensive practice to follow.

Now “Buffer” is giving us a platform where we can manage our single post into the multiple Social Accounts together in a single click. Even we do not need to worry about the time of posting. We can schedule the time of posting the post altogether in all the social accounts.

Let us check how it works.

1.    Sign Up with Buffer

Open Buffer and Click on “Get Started for Free”. Signup with your email id and you will see the following in your home page.

2.    Account Set Up

Setup all your accounts one after another. After setting up all your accounts, in the left panel you will see the following image

3.    Manage Post

Now onward to post anything you do not need to open your corresponding Facebook, Twitter, or g+ accounts. Click any one of these. For example I clicked on Twitter (in the 1st option) and the following page has open.

Enable all other option by click on the icon(s) if you want to post in those account(s) too.

Now write your post as you want. You may post any link by copy-paste the link too. Remember, when you post any link, the link will be automatically changed and the corresponding will be extracted automatically. You may add/remove images.

4.    Upload Your Post

Now in the right side one blue button is there. Here 3 options you will get.

Add to Queue: You can edit/delete/upload your post later.

Share Next: Drafting the current post and open the option to share your next post.

Share Now: Then and there you can upload your post.

Schedule Post: You can schedule the post with a suitable time to upload.

The Buffer is now helping all the bloggers or the content managers a new podium to save the time and het relaxed. Hope this article will help them a lot.

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Authored By Papri Ghosh

She is a dedicated author of "Day On My Plate". Furthermore she is an academician in Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering. She likes to voyage all over the world in search of unrevealed experiences. She is passionate in reading novels and writing articles. Hope you all are enjoying her articles.