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One Year Journey of Day on My Plate

Papri Ghosh
18 Jul 2017
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One Year Journey of Day on My Plate

On the 18th July, 2016, Day on My Plate had started its journey and I wanted to write our blogging journey which could facilitate others with latest techtips, travel, health, & lifestyle and also to share our views. This post is all about how we started our first blog and later on how we created a network of blogs, after one successful year.

Our Journey of Blogging: How it all started

In March, 2016 we have decided to start our own website to write blogs. It was planned elaborately before implementing through worldwide. Before starting a Blogsite it is very important to structure it and blueprint the necessary effects which will help our user to have smooth acceptance with unblemished experience.

Why “Day On My Plate”

“Day On My Plate” was not the first choice as a caption of our website. Initially lot of other names were there in our mind. But finally Ritam has selected the name as "Day On My plate” as our day starts with tea and newspaper, he thought that being a writer we shall provide something which may be essential in our day to day life.

Selection of Keywords

Initially we started with “Technology & Education”, “Current Feeds & Sports”, “Health & Lifestyle” and “Travel & Photography” as our keywords. But later on “Tutorials” has also been added as an important paradigm for our readers.

Our Venture:

Our mission and vision till now is making meaningful blogs and set it as a platform throughout the world. Though it will eventually take some time, but in future we will touch our dream and reach more and more readers across the Globe.

Blog Network:

Day On My Plate is there in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube. Since last one year we have created a Facebook Group that has 15k+ members, 1K+ subscribers, highest 16k+ Organic Post Reach in Facebook Page and a total of 170+ blogs since last one year.


What’s Next for Day On My Plate?

We will keep evolving as a blog to provide techtips mainly on Smartphone, tutorials, current feeds etc. We will keep you updated with what’s going to come here next. You can join us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Youtube.

This post was written because many people wanted to know a little background about us and about Day On My Plate. We will be writing more posts on how we work as a team and what are the options you have to grow along with Day On My Plate. Meanwhile, let me know if you have any feedback for us or for Day On My Plate?

We would like to say Special Thanks to Sudipta Kumar Dey, Palakshi Dam, Rakesh Roy & Krishna Tech. Pvt. Ltd. for their unbroken Technical Support and Encouragements.

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Authored By Papri Ghosh

She is a dedicated author of "Day On My Plate". Furthermore she is an academician in Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering. She likes to voyage all over the world in search of unrevealed experiences. She is passionate in reading novels and writing articles. Hope you all are enjoying her articles.