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Happy 20th Birth Day, Google

Papri Ghosh
27 Sep 2018
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Happy 20th Birth Day, Google

It has been 20 years long for the invention and launching of The Google. Sept 27, 1998 is marked as birthday of Google by the tech giant itself though it has been started on Sept 1997. Larry Page and Serget Brin were the Ph.D students at Stanford University in California when the invented “Google”. The 1st name was taken for the search engine was “BackRub”. Later it was renamed in “Google”. The name “Google” came from “Googol”, that represents one followed by 100 zeros.

On the auspicious day of the birthday “Google” has shared the following video.

Few popular e-products of Google by their launching date is given

Product Name Launching Date
Google Search Sept 1997
Google Blogger August 1999
Google News September 2002
Gmail April 2004
Google Scholar November 2004
Google Books 2005
Google Map February 2005
Youtube April 2005
Google Calendar April 2006
Google Translation April 2006
Google+ June 2011
Google Play March 2012
Google Drive April 2012
Google Docs October 2012
Google Keep March 2013
Hangout May 2013
Google Contacts January 2014
Google Business June 2014
Google Classroom August 2014
Google Photos May 2015
Tez October 2017