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Find your Lost Item with TrackR Bravo

Papri Ghosh
26 Aug 2016
Read Time : 7 Minutes
Find your Lost Item with TrackR Bravo

A new little device has been launched named TrackR Bravo. It has ability to track all of your belongings i.e. from key chain, school bag, mobile phone (even in the silent mode), and parse to your two/four wheeler. Its dimension is just 3.2 x 3.2 x 0.6 cm and weight is 45gms. It has 4 different colours i.e. silver, black, and blue and pitch. The specifications are given below:

TrackR Bravo Specification
Phone Model No TrackR Bravo TB001 (2016)
Weight 45g
Dimensions 3.2x3.2x0.6 cm
Battery 1 Lithium Metal Battery (1 included)
Color Black, Silver, Blue, Rose Gold
Body Metal/Plastic
Bluetooth Technology Yes
Cost Rs. 3534/- (Available @ Amazon)

From the above description we are getting information regarding the TrackR Bravo. The steps to use this product are given below:

  • Register the product in the TrackR’s “Crowd GPS Data Base”
  • Install the app in your Smartphone
  • Enable GPS in your device
  • Track Your Belongings with the device easily
  • Change the battery at least once in two months

The use of this device is very easy as we are already using loads of apps in our Smartphone.

Unboxing of TrackR Bravo